Owner  General Services Administration
Architect  Einhorn, Yaffee Prescott, Inc.
Cost  $73,000,000 Competitive Bid

Burchick Construction Company, Inc. completed a five-phase renovation of the entire Moorhead Federal Building, a twenty-five-story high rise office building within downtown Pittsburgh, PA.  The design included attractive combinations of floor and wall coverings, ceramic tile, and specialty ceiling systems combined with energy efficient lighting and completely new mechanical systems.  
During the renovation of the Moorhead Federal Building, Burchick Construction self-performed architectural demolition, all concrete work, interior metal stud and gypsum board systems, installation of doors, frames and hardware, acoustical, gypsum and specialty ceilings, millwork and other miscellaneous specialties such as restroom accessories, marker/tack boards, projection screens, shelving, access flooring, etc.

The goal of the architectural fit out was not only to create a more aesthetically pleasing office and support space, but also to improve office efficiency and functionality. In addition, in order for the GSA to achieve LEED certification, Burchick Construction tracked and provided LEED documentation and provided LEED summaries as each phase of the project was completed

Mechanical systems, including existing plumbing and HVAC provided to occupied areas not under construction, had to remain operational through all climate seasons.  Fire protection and fire alarm systems had to remain in service on all floors, including construction floors, throughout the duration of the project.  The project team worked together to develop and schedule numerous utility outages and interruptions, many of which to accommodate high profile and high security tenants, in addition to the work of our own hazardous materials abatement contractor.