Burchick Management System

Burchick Construction places a premium on managing its business to be the premier, performance-driven provider of construction and construction management services. We have developed a system that focuses on the performance of every detail for every project. Project management isn’t a department at Burchick Construction; it’s the backbone of our business. Since 1991, Burchick Construction has operated using a management system that places ultimate responsibility for performance on its most experienced staff and diligently cultivates the next generation of performance-driven managers.

We have a philosophy that is built upon the premise that great project management starts long before we begin our clients’ projects. Managers who perform to the highest standards have an education and experience that develops strong problem-solving skills. Those skills must be honed and broadened through extensive experience. Highly skilled and experienced managers make our clients successful and create a legacy of high standards of performance.

Management Pedigree: 
Customer satisfaction doesn’t happen by chance.  At Burchick Construction, customer satisfaction has its foundation in the extensive experience of our officers. Our corporate officers have nearly 100 years of combined experience in the construction industry. Burchick Construction recognizes the value of a problem-solving education and hires almost exclusively graduate engineers. Each of the company’s project managers are civil engineers. Burchick Construction is prepared to help its clients design solutions to the problems that arise in every construction project; in fact, two Professional Engineers are on staff at Burchick Construction.

Broad Management Skills
A great pedigree requires a broad application of experience to develop the highest standard of management skills. Building upon our extensive experience base, Burchick Construction has assembled a team with a broad range of professional skills under one roof. 

Our team includes project estimators, site managers and professional engineers. Applying high performance standards means more than just responding to a client’s design source. We can contribute to the project while it is still in design and as it begins to emerge from the ground.

Hands-On Management: 
From our founding vision to our current mission, Burchick Construction remains singularly committed to having every detail of every project managed by an officer of the firm. Each project’s management team is directed by one of Burchick’s officers, who in turn, are responsible to our clients. From budgeting through project closeout, we respond to our clients’ needs as though they are our own. Designing solutions, responding to our clients and managing to the highest standard of performance is the best way Burchick Construction knows how to ensure each project is on-budget, on-time, and a high quality construction experience.