Owner  United States Postal Service
Architect  LLI Engineering, Inc.
Cost  $2,400,000

This project involved the removal and replacement of existing structural slab on deck at portions of the main traffic aisles within the postal facility while maintaining the full operation of the distribution and processing of the U.S. mail. 

The project was bid as a five-phase project with multiple areas to be under construction per phase.  Each phase had to be completed before moving on to the next phase. 

Burchick Construction Company, Inc. realized that the structural reinforcement of the existing steel beams was the critical item to the schedule and expedited steel to the job within six weeks of the notice to proceed.  We also set up a sequence of turning over individual areas as soon as possible within the first phase, which allowed the Owner to use replaced areas faster and in turn, the Owner agreed to allow areas of the succeeding phase to be started ahead of schedule.

The work entailed setting up perimeter containments of each area, abatement of existing ½” thick floor tile, saw cutting and demolition of the existing concrete slab, reinforcing of the existing structural beams, placement of new metal deck, shear studs, and replacement of the concrete slab with a BASF product that reached 4000 PSI strength in 24 hours so that it could be driven on by the fork lift traffic as soon as the barriers were removed.

The result of Burchick Construction’s scheduling and performance gave the Owner confidence to negotiate significant additional repair areas as change order work to Burchick Construction’s contract.