Owner  Bank of New York Mellon
Architect  H.F. Lenz
Cost $15,000,000

The 56-story BNY Mellon Center is a unique building with its 3/8” thick structural steel composite skin.  Built by Dravo to be its corporate headquarters in the 1980s, the coating system on the steel began to fail almost immediately.  Several attempts were made over the years to effectively replace the coating with only limited success.

In 2010, an ambitious three-year project was initiated to completely remove the 440,000 square feet of coating system down to the original bare steel profile and replace it with a state of the art coating system.  The existing coating was removed using sophisticated 40,000 psi ultra-high-pressure water tools worked from a series of swing stages.  A complex hose management system was designed specifically for this project to safely restrain the water, compressed air, and vacuum hoses along with the electrical distribution conduits required for the equipment.  The project was performed during multiple shifts each day in order to maximize production during the available work season and acceptable weather conditions.