HOLY FAMILY PARISH  |  Hooversville, PA   
Owner  Diocese of Altoona - Johnstown
Architect  RSH Architects
Cost $1,300,000

In April 2008, a fire heavily damaged the sanctuary of the Holy Family Parish in Hooversville, Pennsylvania.  Working in close coordination with FireDEX of Pittsburgh, Burchick Construction Company, Inc. was contracted to perform the general reconstruction of the fire damaged areas.

The heat resulting from the fire damaged one of the four primary half arch sections and four of the major purlins for the main sanctuary roof.  Also, the entire exposed wood roof decking was heavily smoke damaged along with most of the interior partitions and finishes of the sanctuary and sacristy area.

Burchick Construction was contracted to temporarily shore and disassemble the main roof structure and decking, including removal and reinstallation of the steeple.  The above noted structural members were replaced along with all of the exposed wood decking.
The interior finishes were either restored/refinished or replaced with new product.  In addition, the renovation/restoration project included a variety of code upgrade items such as an upper level handicapped accessible restroom, and an improved HVAC equipment and air distribution system.   Also, the renovated building includes many new features to maximize energy efficiency.  The project was completed on schedule with a Summer 2009 delivery.